Our SMS API / SMS Gateway

api4sms.net's customers value the easy, reliable and cost-effective way to send SMS worldwide through our gateway.

With the help of api4sms.net's global carrier network we ensure compliant deliverability to any phone in the world.

Direct-to-carrier connections and high performance routing technology provides high deliverability and high security.

  • Worldwide SMS Coverage
  • All Services Are "White Label"-Products
  • Use Your Own Sender ID (up to 16 numeric or 11 alphanumeric characters)
  • Delivery Reports
  • Choose From 160 Character Plain Text 7 Bit Or 70 Character Unicode SMS

Our Technology

api4sms.net provides you with great messaging systems designed to provide message delivery and maximum uptime.

The api4sms.net gateway has undergone several iterations with each ensuring more reliability, scalability and service effectiveness.

api4sms.net takes continuously steps to ensure permanent system improvements, to provide better solutions and to ensure maximum uptime for our customers.

Easy and flexible SMS-Deliveries with our HTTP API.
You have several options to send SMS by sending an email to api4sms.net.
Create Sub Accounts for several departments or employees and control the amount of SMS send for each account.


Since quality and reliability is most important to us our messaging platform is backed up by several distinct carriers.

You can send SMS to more than 750 networks in over 210 countries.

Contact our sales team for consultation and estimates.

All prices are in € without 20% VAT.

  • No Service Charge
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Just Pay For Sent SMS
  • One Price For All Covered Countries
  • Delivery Report
  • Flexible Sender ID (up to 16 numeric or 11 alphanumeric characters)
  • Ported Number Support

0.078 € / SMS

If you send a lot of message to one ore more paticulary countries please contact our sales team for consultation and estimates.

Please contact our sales team if you want to use HLR (Number Lookup) or send MMS.

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